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San Antonio, TX, USA

Dr. Rene Vela and Paola Romero Munoz, RDH, are local Dental Professionals who understand the business of Dentistry.


Dr. Rene Vela , a UTHSCSA  alumni class of 84', resides in Corpus Christi and has owned and sold several practices in the South Texas region. Due to an unfortunate accident, he was somewhat forced to exit out of practicing dentistry. Knowing that dentistry was his passion, he wanted to continue helping other dental professionals reach their career goals. He offers the "I've been there" experience.


Paola Romero Munoz, is an El Paso native who owns a Dental Practice Management company in San Antonio. Her dental business background, clinician experience and broad involvement in the Dental Community, has given her the opportunity to consult numerous dentists in the San Antonio area.


The partners, alongside with their consultants, offer a combined force of over 100 years of experience in the Dental Transitions world. Let them be your guide (GUIA) in making the best exit strategy out of dentistry, or let them assist you in finding the practice that best fits your needs and fulfills the grand desire of being a proud and profitable practice owner.